Industry Updates

Managing During Pandemic Header 1

In light of the unprecedented global health crisis, we know our partners are challenged with responding to the needs of their advertisers. In an effort to provide some guidance around how to manage and optimize campaigns, we developed the following “Things to Consider”.

Work From Home Hacks

In a world where Work-from-Home is quickly becoming the order of the day, we find ourselves uniquely equipped to dole out wisdom on this subject.

localogy 2020

We are ready to kick off our 2020 conference calendar in style. First up is Localogy 20/20. 

Representing MatchCraft will be our CEO, Sandy Lohr; Marc Zaks, CRO; Brad Petersen, Senior Vice President – Business Development & Tom Maguire, Director, Business Development for North America.


Responsive Search Ads

In 2019, Google announced the launch of Responsive Search Ads. This ad format enables advertisers to provision up to 43,680 different ad variations at once, by specifying up to 15 different headlines and 4 different ad descriptions. Responsive Search Ads can also display with other extensions (e.g. callouts).

yext 1

Millennials – there is a good chance that you may be one of them. But if you aren’t, we can help you understand what drives millennial business owners and how to sell to them.

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