Industry Updates


Fall is here! And so is a month full of conferences and speaking engagements. After attending SIINDA’s Local Search Summit in Lisbon, we will be off to Yext’s Onward19 being hosted in New York.

SIINDA 2019 Lisbon

We are excited to attend the Local Search Summit being hosted by SIINDA in Lisbon, Portugal this year.


One of the biggest issues as it pertains to data privacy – a hot topic right now, with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – is location tracking.


Once again we’re off to London for LocalComm 2019 by SIINDA!

Improve SEO and SEM

If you’re a business decision maker or marketer, you’re surely familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), even at a high level. But are you familiar with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and do you understand how SEM and SEO work together to improve your marketing strategy and your ability to get found by users across the web?

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